"Writing, when the writer feels the work is going well, when the words are flowing and the story is a strong one, can be a godlike experience."

Margaret Mahy

Braefern (the farm name) is an ideal place for writing. I love the quiet, the views and the space, yet we are close enough to the city to not feel isolated - unless the river floods. Even this is part of our wonderful lifestyle and usually only closes the road for a few hours. The land around me and its history has had a big influence on my writing.

Spending my time between my family, the local museum, and my writing keeps me busy and makes for a rich and rewarding lifestyle.

My latest publication.

"An unsentimental, honest, recount of the experience of losing a newborn baby, told poignantly from the child's point of view. A unique addition to the small group of books that deal with death and grief. Endorsement by grief.org.nz. Illustrated by Malene Laugesen."
OneTree House Publications.

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